fbpx The Future Is Decentralized

The Future Is Decentralized

The Future Is Decentralized

There’s a brand new internet being built as we speak- a decentralized space where free speech is valued and where data & communications are safeguarded from being targeted by a communistic agenda. If you’re worried about the future of the World Wide Web, you’re not alone. Join the exodus that’s currently taking place by business owners, individuals, and concerned patriots who’ve decided censorship is not acceptable; the future is decentralized- here’s why:

5 Reasons Why the Future of the Internet is Decentralized

1. Internet users are tired of political correctness being demanded at every turn. If you’re over 30, you probably wonder what ever happened to freedom of speech. Today, saying the wrong thing or projecting the wrong image online can result in your website being taken down or being throttled by Google without you even known that it’s happened. More and more business owners and individuals are moving to the decentralized Web, a place where the liberal agenda cannot restrict your participation on the Web in any way.

2. Owning hashtag domains on the decentralized Web can eliminate the need to use hashtags on Twitter and other social sites that take up a lot of your time. Branded hashtags on the decentralized internet are far more valuable than conventional hashtags; to start, they belong to you- using them directs traffic to your website on the decentralized internet. Hashtags on the centralized internet come with a host of problems and are virtually out-dated at the present time. Hashtag domains on the decentralized Web are where marketing is headed, for the following reasons:

  • They’re cheaper
  • They don’t require add-on niche keywords
  • They eliminate the possibility of other businesses taking over your marketing campaign

3. During Former President Obama’s last week in office, his administration gave what was at that time, a primarily US-controlled internet to China and Russia. You may have noticed that since that time, a communist mindset on the internet has been creeping in and doing a lot of damage in what was once a free speech space, at least to a high degree.

If you’re among the increasing number of internet users who are fed up with being told what kind of content they can and can’t create or being flagged by social media sites for your viewpoints, you’ll want to take a closer look at the new Web 3.0 The future is decentralized- and it’s here.

4. Hashtag marketing tactics on the centralized Web are less and less effective as time goes by. To truly capture the attention of prospective customers or clients, you need a way to circumvent competition in your sector and create a gateway that leads prospects directly to your website. Hashtag domains do just that.

Create a hashtag for your brand that’s unstoppable, then incorporate your # domain into future marketing projects. Resolve your current website to your new # domain that is effectively safeguarded against a takedown from ICANN, the China-Russia owners of the internet.

5. Removing the element of censorship fosters an open culture that is very attractive in this day and age. As a result, peer-to-peer communication takes on the characteristics of genuine contact instead of messaging or emailing shrouded over by a fear of being watched. Communication is not the only area of the internet that benefits from a censorless environment; a lower risk of systemic failure and significantly increased confidence can mean exponential growth in multiple sectors of internet development.

If you believe the future of cyber business lies in creating a completely decentralized environment that can offer a superior experience to all users, Hashtag.Space invites you to check out our resources, purchase your first hashtag domain, and start creating quick and easy social media hashtag campaigns that will become more and more effective as time goes by.

Your Guide to Decentralized Web

The future is decentralized- there’s no denying the clear advantages of establishing a business presence on the decentralized Web. You may not understand all the ‘why’s, ‘how’s, or ‘how-to’s yet, but in time, the concept will become more and more familiar to you as you make the move from a place of total control over every move you make on the internet to a free speech and free movement platform that’s secure for your future- and the world’s future.

Ready to get started? Reserve your branded hashtag on Hashtag.Space by purchasing your first # domain for just $25.95. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to the company’s CEO, Robert Bibb, at 1.304.933.1944. Invest in multiple hashtag domains to help build the new decentralized Web and grow your business.


The Future Is Decentralized

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The Future Is Decentralized The Future Is Decentralized The Future Is Decentralized The Future Is Decentralized The Future Is Decentralized
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